How to use your Membership Card.

Mariel Kim is super excited to announce the release of our XO membership cards, which will be completely free when purchased with any online/in-store item!! These membership cards come with a discount code at the back of the card for future purchases!

To receive the membership card, you need to purchase at least one item from our store together with the membership card (don’t forget to add them to your cart!). Cards are limited to a maximum of 1 per customer per purchase.

**Free membership card is limited and subject to availability – get them while stocks last!

How to apply membership discount codes

Each membership cards come with a discount code at the back of the card for future purchases which gives you a 10% discount* off your next purchase!

(*discount rates are calculated based on products and shipping destination) It’s our way of saying “Thank you!” to our loyal returning customers.

Common FAQs

Can I get the discount code in advance? 

Unfortunately each card is printed with a unique discount code when the order is created, so we can’t provide you with the discount code in advance as this will be unique to your card and linked to your order details.