Plump-kin Retinol Eye Cream



Let our enzyme-rich Plump-kin eye cream work overnight to help fight wrinkles, sun damage, inflammation and Plump up those under eyes! Our cream has a light but potent formula infused with 10,000ppm of vitamin and antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Extract that will work to de-puff, moisturize and plump up the delicate skin under your eyes.

size: 30g

Why It's Good:

Our enzyme-rich, lightweight eye cream is formulated with 10,000ppm of Pumpkin Extract, Ginger Extract, and Retinol to hydrate, firm, and strengthen the skin barrier around the under-eye area. 

Key Ingredients: 

  • Pumpkin Extract - 10,000ppm of Pumpkin Extract high in vitamins C, A and E and antioxidants that will plump up fine lines and reduce inflammation.