Waterproof Brow Gel



We know a thing or two about brows.  


Quick, easy and waterproof.  We love this new brow gel for every occasion from minimal makeup days to beach days.  

Tame, lift, sculpt and tint your eyebrows with our Waterproof Brow Gel that is formulated to shape and set your brows in place all day.


Simply brush into your own brows in an upward motion to add volume and a natural tint of color for the full-bodied brows you've always wanted.


Granite - Black

Espresso - Dark brown

Cocoa - Medium brown

Size: 7.5 g / 0.26 oz.

How To Use:

1. Remove excess product from the applicator by flicking the tip against the top.  A little goes a long way!

2.  Start from mid-brow and brush towards tail in the direction of hair's natural growth

3. Use remaining product to fill in the front of brow 

4. Optional - use a clean brow spoolie to brush off any excess 

5. To fill in any sparse areas - use the tip of brush to apply formula more directly onto that area


Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates & Gluten

Cruelty Free